Stretch marks and Slimming

Stretch marks and Slimming

Watch your body changing, without losing its firmness and tone. A very effective stretch mark prevention product helps maintain the skin's elasticity and reveals your new body.

Once we decide to lose weight, this decision is not only a challenge for our will and our appetite. Any diet which leads to weight loss is a test for the skin, which has to adjust to new conditions: the appearance of stretch marks is the most frequent consequence of this adjustment.

The use of an effective product for stretch marks can reinforce your skin during the diet and helps skin to cope during the process, alongside your diet program. The Estrias Cream is a skincare cream which is immediately absorbed by the skin and prevents future stretch marks, especially if it is used from the first day of the diet.

  • Apply the product with repeated circular moves all over the body and particularly in areas with stretch marks (abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, breasts, etc.).
  • Use it twice daily, preferably from the first day of the diet, until the end of the weight maintenance period.


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    DeU Estrias Cream 200 ml

    Intensive repairing cream for stretch marks

    € 45.00