olotis lexiko

‘Ολότης -ητος (η), – wholeness, whole, all. Αριστλ. Μεταφ. 1023b 36, ως ούσης της ολότητος ενότητός τινος, Σεξτ. Εμπ.Μαθ. 10,52, Δαμάσκ. Αρχ. 158, - η ολότης των μαθητών.

The skin is the largest sensory organ of the body. Not simply a shield against external attacks, but also an image which often warns us about problems in proper functioning. If we had to  describe the skin in three words, these could be the protection, beauty, energy.

The skin is the image of your health. Take care, love it and will surely reward you.

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OLOTIS team, creates a web beauty portal that aspires to be more than a cosmetics online store: we would like to become your personal advisor for the best care of your skin, with carefully selected products of proven effectiveness, specialized services and specific articles.

Because OLOTIS  means (also) Beauty, Health, Wellness at every level.