Return Policy

Return Policy 

•In case of fault on behalf of our company, we give back to you the whole amount of money, corresponding to the value of the order and the shipping charges.

•In case our company is not liable for any error, we give back the amount corresponding to the value of the products and the shipping charges are being exclusively borne by the customer.

•If the product is defective, please contact our company for its replacement at tel.: +30 210 6910090 or e- mail

•The returns are being accepted upon request and only if the products have not been used and in their initial condition.

•In case of use of a product or alteration of its initial packaging, the return is not acceptable.

•The return of money will take place within 14 days since the return and receipt of products.

•For the return of your money, you should indicate the bank account to which you want it to be deposited.

•If the return has not taken place within the period of fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt, or any of the conditions for return is not fulfilled, has the right not to accept the products and not to proceed to replacement.

•Before returning the product, you should contact the refunds service of


Shipment of products

If there is a prior phone call to the refund service of, client should pack the product and send it via the courier company which is collaborator to our company. Client should place a notice within the package, in which we will be informed about the problem that has arisen with the returned product, provided that the product meets the conditions for refund. In case the returned package doesn’t qualify for refund, the product will not be accepted, as above explained in detail. The package will be returned to the customer and the transport cost will be at his expense.

Order cancellation

Cancellation of order may be made in the following cases: Before the order is completed, during the electronic order process you can go «back» to remove the quantities of products from your basket by clicking on the "Remove" button. If you have completed the online order but the product has not yet been shipped, you can contact tel. number +30 210 6910090 and one of our associates will cancel your order.