Resurfacing & Rejuvenation Program

Complete anti-aging shock-treatment for the total regeneration of the surface of the skin.


€ 563.00


  • Firming & Rejuvenating
  • Moisturizing
  • Age spots/Photo-aging
  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
  • Lifting & Radiance
  • Acne & Acne Scars
  • Cleansing
  • FACE
  • Regeneration & Skin Repair
  • Face Contouring
  • All skin types
  • Women & Men
  • Peeling

Resurfacing & Rejuvenation Program

People with old acne scars already know it: no matter which product they use, no matter how well they treat their skin, scars will always undermine the result. Cicatross Face Serum, with an ingenious combination of 10 powerful acids, its smart synthesis which doesn't irritate the skin and its deep exfoliating and keratolytic action, gives the solution: it smoothes out the surface of the skin and visibly reduces the scars on its surface. Free from the wear and the dead cells, the skin welcomes and takes full advantage of the ingredients of the antiage products, giving you what you always wanted: a glowing, youthful, healthy skin. 

Resurfacing & Rejuvenation Program by OLOTIS, with the power of the innovative antiaging All In One Active Serum with botox-like και filler-like effect, gives the skin the renewal it needs, along with the most sophisticated antiaging action.

Product of natural origin, no preservatives, colorants, perfumes, parabens, SLS and SLES. Not tested on animals. All products are compatible with homeopathy methods, thanks to their natural ingredients, which are free of substances like caffeine.


Ocean Wave Face Wash

Gentle Cleansing milk (or makeup removal) with moisturizing properties.

Apply onto dry skin, every morning and night with fingertips, on face, eye area and neck, massaging gently. Rinse with lukewarm water.

 Deep Blue Scrub

Gentle moisturizing gel scrub.

Deep Blue Scrub should be applied directly on clean and dry skin. Massage gently for 2-3 minutes, all over the face avoiding the eye contour area and insisting on areas with impurities and more greasiness (forehead, nose and chin). Allow the product to act as a deep hydration mask, leaving it on the face for 5 minutes, before rinsing it off. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use 2-3 times per week.

PHASE 1nd (3 weeks):

Apply CICATROSS FACE SERUM morning and evening, onto face with gentle massage until completely absorbed.

The keratolytic action of CICATROSS FACE SERUM prepares your skin in the best way possible, so you can get the maximum benefit of the composition of All in One Active Serum.

Apply SEAWEED SERUM GEL morning or evening on face, area around the eyes, neck and décolleté.

In case you need extra hydration, you can use the OLIGOMARINE FACE CREAM.

PHASE 2nd   (3 weeks):

Apply ALL-IN-ONE ACTIVE SERUM  onto dry and clean skin, day - night, all over the face, around the eye area, neck, décolleté with gentle massage until completely absorbed. 

Phase 3nd (7 weeks):



CICATROSS FACE SERUM in the evening. 

By the end of the program, you can either repeat, starting from the first phase, whether to continue with any product of Rosspharma, and repeat again the program whenever you feel that your skin needs it.

It is important to remember that sun exposure deteriorates the condition of the acneic skin. Always wear sunscreen with a high SPF and avoid UV exposure while using the CICATROSS FACE SERUM.




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  • Medium_deu_algae_wash

    DeU Ocean Wave Face Wash 200 ml

    Rich emulsion for cleansing and makeup removal

    € 39.00

  • Medium_bluescrub

    DeU Deep Blue Scrub 50 ml

    Exfoliating gel for deep skin cleansing

    € 48.00

  • Medium_deu_cicatross_serum

    DeU Cicatross Face Serum 30 ml

    Facial Serum for intensive repairing of acne-prone skin, acne scars and photo-aging spots

    € 42.00

  • Medium_deu_algae_serum02

    DeU Seaweed Serum Gel 30 ml

    Intensive Firming Serum

    € 70.00

  • Medium_s35

    DeU All in One Active Serum 7x2,5ml

    Firming, lifting, regenerating INSTANT and LONG TERM ACTION serum for face, neck and décolleté

    € 300.00

  • Medium_oligomarinecream

    Oligomarine Face Cream 50 ml

    Deep moisturizing and radiance cream

    € 64.00