Acne Scars

Acne Scars

Acne scars, common among adult women and men, can be treated effectively with the right combination of cosmetic products.

Acne Scars Treatment

For most people, acne is a part of their teenage past, still, its ugly scars follow us in our adult lives. Acne scars are very common in adults, both women and men, especially if the acne they had as teenagers was not treated right, if there was an infection or in cases the teenager tended to pop his or her pimples. The scars are the result of all the above, and they are present even after the acne has gone away. 

Very common among adults, acne scars have yet another, nothing but pleasant, characteristic: they don’t go away, no matter how well we treat our skin. Unless we do something targeted, specifically aiming to vanish them.

The synergistic action of Cicatross Face Serum and Cicatross Repairing Cream is the targeted treatment the acne scared skin needs and is based vastly on the 2 products’ content in Masterwort Extract.

The key ingredient

Masterwort, Imperatoria Ostruthium in Latin, is famous for its unique properties since the Middle Ages. It had the nickname “divine therapy” given by the Romans, while the Swiss would call it “Queen of the plants”.

From its many properties, the most impressive ones are associated with the protection and repair of the skin. Being endemic plant of the Swiss Alpes, masterwort has ingredients and mechanisms that protect it from extreme weather conditions, by producing flavonoids and fenolic acid, which contribute to the soothing of the skin. Also, research shows that masterwort’s combination of ingredients stimulates cellular production, restores cellular function, helps the skin heal from every day stress and acts against irritations.

Formulas and Actions

Besides Masterwort, which is the key ingredient for both formulas, the combination of the other ingredients (among others: Aloe Vera, Urea, Allantoin, Calendula etc), generally contribute to the renewal of the acneic skin.

More specifically:

The synthesis of Cicatross Repairing Cream, with its regenerating, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and deeply hydrating action, contributes to the reduction of collagen overproduction, it helps regulate the skin’s hydrolipidic balance and gives a pleasant, cooling sensation to the irritated scars.

Cicatross Face Serum faces the two most important factors, associated with the repair of skin lesions: inflammation and skin thickening. Within the first four weeks of use, the reduction of scars and the improvement of skin texture are noticeable. Cicatross Face Serum is ideal to treat important lesions on the skin, such as skin thickening, very thin skin, discolorations and acne scars.


On totally clean and dry skin, apply the serum on the places with the scars and allow it to absorb completely (at least ten minutes). Then apply the cream and continue with the rest of your beauty routine.

It is better to use both products day and night, at least for the first month. After that period of time, you can use the cream in the morning and both in the night, until they are finished.

Given that the skin always tends to go back to its previous state -in other words, your own skin will recreate the scars- you can repeat the treatment every few months, in order to maintain the results.

Both the cream and the serum can be applied to the entire face (except the eye contour area), as a total renewal treatment for the surface of the skin.

Avoid using the products during the summer and always apply high protection sunscreen. 

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